Remember the Woman at the Well?

Woman at the Well

Watch  one or another of the above – the message is the same!

Watch and enjoy – GOD knows you perfectly – nothing to hide –

One you know you self as well than all things can be done perfectly, in peace, in  love, in joy and in creation, come unto Christ and be perfected by his love, knowledge and gifts that he has given you – this gift – this water – this well runs much deeper  than what you see on the surface – learn to drink of it deeply and all things  will be revealed –  to you and to others – again come unto Christ – partake of his goodness and  mercy  – his  love, light and his power to change the world is endless –  come and  let’s start  the journey!

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Let me  give you  some hints –

1 – love all people – even  yourself

2 – Forgive  all people  –  even yourself

3  – Learn   to love, serve  and   increase  in light and truth – for it will show you all things you need to do – to make this journey a happy creative and joyful experience – it will soften and even get rid of many of life’s greatest hurts and pains –

Ask me more about this journey – it all begins with coming into   a great love, light and truth – that  Christ and his servants offer the world!